Health path and Sensory garden

Serbia is widely known for its beautiful nature. Current bad economic situation, high expectations, and unfulfilled ambitions, as well as uncertainty and stress, make a good ground for developing low self-esteem, as well as certain illnesses such as depression. Official data about health conditions od people of Serbia gave estimations that 250 000 to 400 000 people in Serbia are suffering from depression.

Chronic diseases, such as heart and circulatory system diseases, malignant tumors (neoplasms), diabetes, diseases of the respiratory system and mental health disorders are dominant for decades in the population of Serbia.

Latest official state research on the health status of people of Serbia provides concerning data; during 2016. the most common causes of deaths were diseases of the circulatory system, neoplasms and diseases of the respiratory system.

Trees and forests have always been a part of the traditions and customs of all ethnic groups who live in Serbia, but with modern ages, it seems that this special nature-human relationship is lost during the years. 

Nowadays, we are witnessing that nature healing programs are having its worldwide revival. Latest medicinal research have shown that forests play an important role in human health improvement. Recent studies show that spending time in forests can induce stress reduction, improve focus and quality of life. Also, it has been shown that it can affect and reduce the symptoms of more serious health conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, and cancer. A wide range of plants has been used as a medicine to treat different diseases for years, and as a source for isolation of modern drugs. Some tree species are still used in unconventional medicine to treat different health conditions. Sensory Garden and Health path that will be implemented by ILFE team within this project will create a natural environment for visitors to improve their wellbeing and general health.



During NATESS project ILFE will hold the organization of two public events:

- Seminar on Sensory Gardens (October 2019, Novi Sad, Serbia)

 - Conference: Plants impact on human health and society (October 2020, Novi Sad, Serbia)

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