Forest Workshops

Selfness & Activities


Within project activities, 12 workshops on Forest and spa medicine and tourism, are the basis for the reduction of unemployment. In each workshop up to 15 participants (including marginalized groups) will particpate. Participants will be selected respecting equal representation of all sexes. The working space will be arranged to enable people with disabilities to participate equally in the workshops. The call for workshops will be posted on the project's website, as well as on the Facebook page. One workshop consists certain activities like: Aromatherapy and Forest medical tourism, Tea ceremony, Permaculture, Education of educators, Sensory Garden, Forest to plate, First aid essentials in outdoor and forest SPA, Dendrotherapy, Mushrooms, Fotosafary, Handicraft - domestics souvenirs, feet in the creek, Forest bathing etc. Workshops will be conducted by the Certified Forest Therapy Guides (CFTG).

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