Forest Selfness Center

Šatrinci, Municipality of Irig, Serbia

Forest Selfness Center - Two existing objects has been reconstructed. One of the facilities is adapted to a Forest food corner - restaurant of approximately 110 square meters, of which around 90 m2 is an open terrace. The facility has a toilet, a kitchen and dining room. The existing wooden coatings were replaced with wooden linings and beams. The roof cover has been partially reconstructed, and the necessary installations has been introduced. The space has been heated and illuminated by LED (all the necessarily installations were introduced). Thermal insulation and demit facade and wood coating has been installed through the outer walls, glass windows and doors has been set. Also Reconstruction of the existing office building for Forest lecture part has been conducted, gross area of about 117m2 (113m2 net), of which 77 (74m2 net) on the ground floor of the office and 40 (39m2 net) as an open terrace. Trough the reconstruction of the existing business building floors has been reconstructed too in a way of coverings with wood and other instalations. Thermal insulation and demit facade has been installed through the outer walls. Facility contains all necessarily installations. In the end painting of the interior and exterior walls were done on parcel LOT no 71. Šatrinci, Municipality of Irig, Serbia.

On parcel LOT no 71, 4 Forest bungalows were set. Bungalows are the dimensions 400 x 600 cm. They were constructed with wooden beams dimensions 11x9x13 and 11cm. The walls and floors contain lumber, fir II class, thickness 40mm, dried and processed. Custom Roof is constructed with lumber processed to 20 mm across the board vapor permeable film and resistant tegula. Doors and windows are made of fir I class, one piece of the door and one windows for each bungalow with two bunk beds - four beds, each bungalow. All timber is coated with two coats of quality and overall color. Tea kitchen sink, hob with one electric heater. Bungalow also contain 140x140 cm Bathroom - shower with curtains, toilet and washbasin. The facilities is equipped with the necessary internal load installations.

Forest Amphitheater was also set on parcel LOT 71. - platform were established for forest amphitheater, which is equipped with a mounting seats for mixed-use. It was created with euro palettes and plates of waterproof plywood and sitting pads. From second side, landscaping was also done - paths were established to connect other facilities.

Forest Selfness Center is equipped with all necessary equipment for regular use – Forest lecturer part and Forest Food corner. 

First building - Forest food corner, Kitchen has been equipped with equipment (Fridge with freeze, Furnace - electricity gas, oven, sinks, working surfaces, racks, Utensils for cooking Dishes, plates and cutlery, small deep fryer, Dossers, hygiene holders of securities, water heater, Aspirator (steam trap), grill, and garbage cans 150l). The dining room has been equipped with tables, chairs, pads, etc. Toilet (two toilets with toilet bowls and sinks and mirror, hand dryer and holder for hygiene). Fire extinguisher for the entire facility has been provided. 

Second building – Forest lecture part has been equipped with lockers for tourists and showcases for exhibition space. Offices has been equipped with tables, chairs for offices, chairs for computers and lockers. Conference room has been equipped with table, chairs, flip chart board, wall cabinets and shelves. Toilet with toilet bowl, sink, mirror, hand dryer, holder for hygiene and etc. Air conditioners for whole center has been introduced offices, conference hall and Restaurant. 

Equipment for Forest Amphitheatre has been installed. New equipment - necessary to equip the amphitheater in the open with certain equipment so that all outside activates is conducted successfully. The reason for equipping was to raise the level of mobility and to pave the whole investment to the needs of the users. Equipment consists 2 laptops, projector, projection screen and smart screen table.

Equipment for sensory garden and health path has been set on parcel LOT no 71. Plants and plant material has been installed and planted. Sensory garden and health path has been constructed. Some of the plant species that has been used are Pinus sp., Tilia sp., Cornus sp. and Etc.

Equipment for conference hall and information desk has been set too. Information desk consist of laptop and printer all in one. Conference hall consist of laptop, projection screen, and projector.

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This project is co-financed by the European Union. The content of the press release is the sole responsibility of Municipality of Irig and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union and/or the Managing Authority.